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With roots spanning decades into the past, Cannon Mining Equipment has always operated with the goal of providing a safe and efficient cast of mining machinery.

Cannon Mining Equipment was incorporated by the former General Product Manager of mining and construction for Joy Manufacturing Co., William A. Rhoades. Cannon was implemented within Joy to serve as a consulting firm for the rotary percussive drilling industry.

Cannon would go through an expansion by acquiring experienced engineers Ward Morrison and Arthur Michaud. In addition to the talent acquisitions, Cannon would further its line of products with hydraulic drilling machinery and purchase a new parcel of land to host their new facility. Negotiations had sparked with Sullivan Industries for the property of a former Joy Manufacturing Co. product line.

Parallel in time to the gain of the Joy product line, Cannon would introduce Michael O'Leary as a shareholder and Marketing Manager. Ongoing, they would move into their new facility and began putting substantial effort into the newly acquired line. They would sell their first set of Hydraulic Drill Jumbos to a company in Tennessee, with more sales following. With the influx of sales rising Cannon Mining Equipment to become one of the top sellers in Hydraulic Drill Jumbos. 


In 2016, CEO and owner Oldenburg sold the group’s mining and defence divisions to private equity firm JF Lehman & Co and it was renamed Lake Shore Systems Inc, but keeping the Cannon product brand as new division Cannon Mining and with production remaining in Claremont, New Hampshire but with a subsidiary Cannon Mining Latin America in Guadalupe, Zacatecas in Mexico. Lake Shore Systems then recently merged with Trident Maritime Systems, also owned by JF Lehman. Cannon machines include single and double boom jumbos, bolters and scalers such as the SV11 compact scaler, SV18/SV22/SV26 scalers and the SV45 very large scaler as well as the UV6 and UV11 utility machines. Traditionally the products have performed well in the underground hard rock room and pillar market, both for industrial minerals like limestone as well as in lead/zinc operations.

In 2022, Cannon Mining was acquired by West Virginia headquartered J.H. Fletcher & Co. bringing together over 100 years of experience in building underground mining equipment. The Cannon equipment portfolio remains intact and operates under the new name "Cannon Mining Equipment, LLC.".

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For those within the Latin America region, you may find our Latin counterpart (Cannon LATAM) at the following link:



Mission Statement

We strive to produce the safest and most effective mining technology to assist the mining industry trek into the future. 


We value ourselves on our lasting honesty, integrity, loyalty, and respect with our consumers and any other relationships we may bear.


We harbor the goal of providing quality mining machinery, while doing our best to heighten the operators' level of safety and maintaining peak effectiveness.

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